inside belt/soft type waistband


this is the elastic we used in the waistband of the longjohn undies, the fitted shorts and the knickers. it is soft enough to be worn next to skin (but we chose to cover it with a layer of merino or cashmere). it is not bulky or stiff and does not curl. it holds its elasticity very well.

made in japan. available by the meter. a 35% discount is automatically applied if you buy 25m or more. feel free to mix and match colours, widths and/or any other elastics to get the discount.

available in two widths:

20mm or 13/16" wide

60mm or 2 1/4" wide

the 20mm width is polyester 85%  polyurethane 15%

the 60mm width is polyester 90% polyurethane 10%

length (m):

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