harbourfront center theatre - march 2022

lonely child

- a circus opera by stacie dunlop -

a mini & main costume for three performers utilizing reclaimed dresses and jackets in colourways specific to their characters. the mini costume was designed to be worn alone or with the main costume layered on top.

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L-E-A-K - may 2022

lesbian seagull dress

- a modern dance performance by sara porter -

reclaimed wedding dress altered from size 6 to 10 and shortened in the front. additional/detachable bustle made with tulle layer from another wedding dress and remnant sheer from the shortening, utilizing a very old woven sailor's belt as the waist fastener.

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spring 2021

in the fire

- an ariel circus show by holly treddenick -

  • a three piece + costume utilizing a full set of firefighter turnout gear. jacket transforms to become a tailored bodysuit and the pant's thermal liner creates a hooded cape.
  • a specialized belt enables the cape to become a kind of over-skirt, opening in the front.
  • a very large, billowy smoke cape was made from double-width sheer curtains with smokey ruffles at neck.
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spring 2021

circus sessions

- organized by femmes du feu creations -

invited to be the costumier-in-residence for one week of experimental creation, with 11 circus performers from all over the world. utilizing old parachutes, sheer curtains and found textile remnants, costumes were created in an ad hoc studio, to suit the apparatus and abilities of each performer. 5 days. 11+ costumes. 2 performances.

circus sessions is an experimental circus residency that takes place yearly in ontario.

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photos taken in nelson BC - winter 2019


commissioned felted merino wool cap with soft heat. deconstructed old heating pad became the soft heating element, arranged and zigzag stitched across cap. fit designed specifically to relieve pain on one side of head and jaw.

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