i now realize in all my poetics, i didn't say that this is happening in ONTARIO hehehe. on toronto island to be exact. but yes, lots more info to come, leading up to may but mostly want to share the vision and the date so you can mark it in your calendars with the kind of emphasis you give your best bud's wedding (or their funeral, oh geez).

the idea is to gather for the celebration of my 50th birthday. my actual date of birth is may 1st which is also the spring Gaelic festival day known as bealtaine. i've been celebrating my birthday in concert with bealtaine for many years but this year i'd love for my half-century milestone to be a grand gathering of my people. i hope you can make it for a creative afternoon, delicious feast and evening bonfire.
will be updating this page with details as they become clearer. i'm so grateful to have you in my life!