i'm so happy to be inviting you to one of my favourite spots, gibraltar point centre for the arts on toronto island. it has heated & accessible options for sleeping, eating and crafts. and a place where we can light and tend bealtaine bonfires. it is right on the southern edge of lake ontario and offers vista views. be invited to come for all 5 days to get up to all kinds of fun and magic...or drop in when you can, anytime.


<<   T H E   G O O D   I N F O   >>
updated apr 21


M A Y   1 

take 11:30am ferry, move-in to gibraltar point

lunch, set up spaces, chill, pick up folks arriving throughout day

beach fire bealtaine feast



M A Y   2

(unstructured day)


bealtaine folk song performance/sing-along led by kathy, ivy & isla


M A Y   3

one-day willow basket weaving workshop taught by johnny & michiko REGISTRATION CLOSED

dance party with dj roasta aka gord allen


M A Y   4

fire brunch

FAM JAM: my mom, brothers & their families (i'm an auntie to 8!) arrive for the afternoon and evening

bealtaine feast in the lake room



M A Y   5

closing breakfast

pack up & move-out late afternoon, exact time TBD


<<   F U R T H E R   N O T E S   >>

i am so happy you are coming!

gibraltar point center for the arts is on the south-western side of toronto island. the island is a big car-free park, as well as home to over 650 people (their houses are on the eastern side of the island). the ferry is running on the spring schedule and the center is 2km from either hanlans or center ferry docks.

there's going to be a variety of ways of transporting between the ferry and the centre. we need to coordinate, as much as possible, so we can be efficient in our trips, in particular the number of times we ask darren to drive the van. we'll have a little fleet of bicycles on the island side, including a cargo quad bike, to support all arrivals and departures.

if you are coming over from toronto and ride a bicycle, pls consider making this yr mode of transportation:)

the center is heated and dry and very nice with everything we need but please also dress for the possibility of rain (especially given the realities of transport described above). lake ontario feels a bit like the ocean here....expansive, huge, vista body. the shoreline is vast and there'll be hardly any people, except us, there.

i'm aiming to create a flexible menu and to have a kitchen stocked with all we'll need. if you have any food allergies, sensitivities, etc, let me know. all meals will be a collaborative effort:) there will be many beautiful beverage options, both of the non-alcoholic and alcoholic varieties. for those of you wondering what you can bring, i have a working list and i'd be happy to give you a few options!

one exception to the above paragraph is the FEAST OF SHAPES. you are invited to find & bring a mold...and a recipe of your choosing, to be presented in your mold, for dinner on may 2nd. think savoury and delicious! and if you can't figure out a mold, i invite you to bring something to compliment, something shapely. (for those of you coming in from out of town, please let me know if you need me to pick up any ingredients for you.)

there's a wood-fired sauna at the centre, very close to the lake, which makes for great fun going between the two. if you like to wear any kind of bathing suit or booties for this activity, please bring yours. there will a bunch of towels provided but probably good if some of you local cats can bring your own.

we will make a lot of bonfires.

and we will have a few studios to use in different ways...a crafty one for sure and a hang-out lounge one too.

on friday may 3rd, i've invited my friends johnny & michiko to teach a willow basketry workshop for anyone that is interested. it is a full day workshop with lunch break, where we'll learn to weave a small basket, with or without a handle. all the materials are supplied and no previous experience is necessary. registration for this workshop is now closed.


thereby this bealtaine transmission is complete!

vistas, feasts, saunas, fires, crafts with some singing & dancing too!
reach out if you have any questions and pls be in touch with the following info:

- your arrival & departure dates & times
- your food sensitivities
- if you'd like to know something to contribute