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A luxurious collection of undergarments made with upcycled cashmere and merino wool sweaters.




WINTER 2014/15

sara torrie

2014 has been a very creative year for making a few ideas really happen and we are excited to to share these with you.  We're steady on track for an amazing Winter ahead!

First, with the help of a few talented friends, we made a very magical video...and so many beautiful photographs were taken that day too, we've created a slideshow to show you. Watch it here or click the image above.

Ever since SARTORIA started making the wool collection (in 2009!), we've been saving the 'scraps' left over from cutting out the pieces.  With the help of two interns, all of the scraps were organized into colour piles and we began to make completely exquisite, truly upcycled wool quilts.  Each quilt's colour pattern is chosen to compliment the vintage wool blanket used to back each one.  The first three quilts in this new series are complete, and you can find them in 'Accessories'.

There's one style variation this season and two new pieces too. The longjohns are now made with a slightly higher waist with strong, covered elastic waistband for better fit and greater manueverability.  And we're introducing leg warmers made with the turtlenecks from the sweaters we are upcycling and felt caps with the sweaters that shrink when we wash them.

AND OHLALA! We're going to Germany for three weekend sales leading up to Christmas! Berlin - Hamburg - Stuttgart! If you know people in these cities that would like to find us there, please pass on the word! And don't worry, we have a very talented, great team here at the studio to take care of your online orders! Details are posted in Where To Find!